Research & Tips

Research Summary

  1. GFDL High-resolution Global Coupled Model
  2. Seasonal Forecasts of Category 4 and 5 Hurricanes and Landfalling Tropical Cyclones using a High-Resolution GFDL Coupled Climate Model
  3. Investigating the Influence of Anthropogenic Forcing and Natural Variability on the 2014 Hawaiian Hurricane Season
  4. Dominant Role of Subtropical Pacific Warming in Extreme Eastern Pacific Hurricane Seasons: 2015 and the Future
  5. Seasonal Prediction of Heavy Rainfall over the Western United States in 2017 Winter by GFDL Coupled Climate Models
  6. Detected Climate Change in Global Distribution of Tropical Cyclones
  7. Increasing Frequency of Extreme Precipitation in Japan due to Global Warming Detected by a Machine Learning Technique
  8. Substantial Global Influence of Anthropogenic Aerosols on Tropical Cyclones over the Past 40 Years

Python Tips

  1. Python CDO